Komeil Tabriz

Mr. Mohammad Ali Zeinalvand
is Founder and Investor of Komeil Tabriz Company with ten years of experience in the field of export of Petrochemical Products and Petroleum Derivatives and Cement to more than seven countries with more than one millions of tons of export volume.
Business records are as follows:

  1. Export of bitumen, VAM, sulfur, ash, DEG and benzene to AL QORAY TRADE LINE Company.
  2. Exports of fish powder to AL QORAY TRADE LINE Company.
  3. Export of more than 500,000 tons of Bitumen to road-building company CHINA ROAD.
  4. Exports of more than one million tons of cement to Sharif Al Tejare company (Somalia, Sudan and Yemen) in partnership with OCEAN MARINE Company.
  5. Partnership and cooperation in the field of maritime transport and commercial with LEO SHIPPING AND OCEAN MARINE Companies.
  6. Export of any fiber, chipboard, glass, sulfur, bitumen and fuel oil to Turkey (Kayseri - Turkey).
  7. Export of Coal to Turkey.
  8. Export of Gasoline to Turkey.