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Company Profile

Resume for the investor and founder of Bayer Aran Company is as follows:

Founder and shareholder of Shirin Asal food industry companies for 27 years. Shirin Asal food industry companies has 18 sub-companies with a workforce of more than 12,000 people and cooperation with international companies such as:

Big Dutchman Company (www.bigdutchman.de)
Delaval Company (www.delaval.de)
Bosch Company (www.bosch.com)
Buhler Company (www.buhlergroup.com)
Siemens Company (www.siemens.com)
Tetra pack Company (www.tetrapak.com)

General Manager of Distribution Company (PAKHSH SARASARI) with branches in 28 provinces across the country's domestic shipping lines created with the best quality and speed.
General Manager of the DAMPARVARI AZARBAIJAN KHAVARI IN 2013-2014 that is one of the biggest Animal Husbandry in Iran.

TABRIZ KOMEYL COMPANY is one of the great Petrochemical and oil Products Company with general managing of Mr. Mohammad Ali ZEINALVAND for 17 years with total export amount of more than 1000000 tons to seven Countries such as Turkey, India, China and …

Mr. Mohammad Ali ZEINALVAND is a member of the Iranian – German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
BAYERARAN is an international company that recently established in Iran and this company focused on production and distribution of Pharma. This company recently inaugurate the Hamburg office and also have two affiliated Daniel Company in Istanbul and Komeil Company in Iran for distribution.

The central office of the company is based in Tabriz-Iran.

Bayer Aran Company is belong to Mr. Zeinalvand and all the company’s capital is provided by himself and all the licenses of medicinal products has been taken from Ministry of Health and Industry.

This Company is receiving its own land with area of 2,000,000 meter square  from Organization of the Industrial Cities of Tabriz that this is near to the two major pharmaceutical companies in a very favorable climate.

A – Mission

  • The main mission of Bayer Aran pharmaceutical company is producing high quality human medicines to treat and improve the health of patients.
  • The company focuses on specialty pharmaceutical products and through the use of advanced technology provides the satisfactory quality of life for humanity.
B – Vision
  • Process-oriented organization in pharmaceutical development and production of specific products and herbal and supplement soft gels in the area next to public products.
C - Organizational Values
  • Accountability and protect the interests of all stakeholders
  • Transparency and Fairness
  • Quality and compliance with international standards and rules
  • Meritocracy and Knowledge
  • Professional ethics and human values
  • Partnerships and innovations